Gift of Nature

Give the gift of nature to your children and grandchildren!

The Millenials and Generation Y have been born to technology and have hardly ever been given the chance to have free play outside. Free play for children expands their confidence, trouble shooting skills and above all their creativity. These all help towards creating successful human beings, ones who will be able to take us to the next level and overcome a lot of the global issues we are having in 2015.

Help us to create a safe environment for our children to learn all of these skills. Our summer day camps for cheldren are just the place. Sign your child or grand-child up for one of our summer programs and see the difference it makes in their lives.

Here is a link to an article by Richard Louv, founder of the Children’s and Nature Network.

Finding our place in the Universe

Get your children outside this holiday season.  If you have snow, make a snowman, check out the bugs that live in the snow or start feeding the birds in your back yard and journal about the birds who come and do some drawings of those birds.  Please share them with us!


Happy Holidays,

Jane May Jones




Journalling (writing and sketching)