Do you remember growing up as a child and spending as much waking time as possible playing outside?

Do you recall your mother calling you in for supper and then dashing outside after to play with friends until dark?

Well, unfortunately this activity is a dying one and in turn it is destroying our youth. Too many young people today have lost touch with nature and are content to sit in the house playing with their electronic games. The real down side is that children in this country are becoming obese and out of touch with the natural world around us.

Children that are obese suffer relentless bullying from other children. This leads to depression and feelings of not being worthy. It is time to fight Nature Deficit Disorder in our society.

My wife, Jane and I have created this public charity doing business as Magical Earth Retreats. We are intent on making an impact on children’s lives by reuniting them with nature through art, music and nature walks in all seasons. We have day camps in the summer, as well as after school programs in our local area.

By allowing children to explore the natural world around them we will be giving them an opportunity to help change the path of destruction that is plaguing mother earth. By becoming stewards of the fields, forests, lakes, rivers and oceans, perhaps their children will be able to enjoy nature in the same way.

Please help us to help our youth before it is too late, because a tax deductible contribution to Magical Earth Retreats will make this dream a reality for countless children both local and inner city children. Please use scroll down and click the DONATE button NOW We will use your donations to offer scholarships to underprivileged or underserved children in our area.

With love, light and happiness,

Don and Jane May Jones