It is our belief that there is severe nature deficit disorder in the world today and it is Earth Angel’s goal to eliminate this one child or adult at a time. With Magical Earth Retreats, Don and Jane May Jones are filling a need, especially for school children to connect with nature and art at the same time. Art programs have been drastically cut from our school system and field trips into nature are virtually non-existent. Children in the inner city have little or no contact with nature. As such they are unable to understand the importance of saving the planet, nor do they understand how we are all connected.

Magical Earth Retreats will bring under privileged, under serviced and inner city children to participate in Magical Earth Adventures, along with the Magical Artistic Experiences, free of charge.

Jane M. Jones is a professional artist as well as an avid gardener and has the natural ability to talk with and show the way of the earth to young and old alike.

Donald D. Jones is a dynamic, fun loving man who adores to capture the imagination of all. He is an author and avid fisherman and understands the ways of the hunter.

Louis Blacow is a good deal of experience working with children in an assortment of programs in Massachusetts and Vermont.

Julie Lineberger is the owner of LineSync Architecture.  She is past Chair of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and past Council President for The Manitou Project.  She believes strongly in integrating nature into all aspects of life and thought including public policy, architecture, business management, gardening and cooking.

C S Wurzberger – also known as The Green Up Girl, Founder/CEO of aTriptotheZoo.com. Inspiring people to care for the earth and its animals.


Our vision   is to bring as many children and adults to the mountains to experience mother earth in order that they understand our connectivity with everything while creating love and beauty in everyone’s garden of life. Some of these children will come from inner cities with very little knowledge of the natural world around …

Don and Jane Jones

Our Story

OUR STORY When was the last time you played outside? Heard the wind rustle the leaves? Enjoyed a birdsong as the sun set? At Magical Earth Retreats, we want to make sure that children and adults get the chance to do all of those things. Our programs connect children with nature through art, music and …

Fernwood, the Land

The Magic of Fernwood   Fernwood is a beautiful plot of land location in hills of southern Vermont in Readsboro.  The view from the cliff is spectacular, the camp is comfy and the fairy glen is magical.  We also have a silent hollow where we go to write, sketch and be grateful for everything around …

Board of Directors

Earth Angels of Vermont, Inc., dba Magical Earth Retreats is a 501c3 public charity with its headquarters in Readsboro, Vermont. Our mission is to provide the space, place and opportunity for children and adults alike to reconnect with mother nature with the goal of changing the destructive route of the human race one child/person at …

Press Kit

Magical Earth Retreats is expanding and we have created this Publicity Kit to help other organizations understand how we could add to their current programming without hiring in house. We have also created our group of Magical Earth Women and the Radiant Enchantress Initiative. To view some of what we do for this group please …