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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties designed with our mission in mind!

Treat your children to a celebration in the woods, including a craft project, specially designed invitations, nature themed party favors and activities in the woods or meadow.

Bird House (ages 5-12)

Decorate a bird house, enjoy bird’s nest cake and ice cream. Check our the Bird House Birthday Party Program


Survival Challenge (ages 8-12)

Learn to use a compass, enhance your outdoor survival skills. Check out this fun filled Survival Challenge Birthday Party


Bug Hunt Birthday (ages 5-8)

Make your own personal bug habitat, wonder at the dirt and worms cake. Bug Hunt Birthday Parties are great.


Nature Print Birthday (ages 8-12)

Making the flower press, pressing flowers and then enjoying a spectacular Fern and Leaf cake. Our Nature Print Birthday Party is the best


Flower Pressing Birthday (ages 5-8)

Gather wild leaves and flowers for pressing along with a beautiful flower theme cake, our Flower Pressing Birthday is a great time for all.