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Summer Day Camps in Vermont, 802-423-5095


(summer day camps) 802-423-5095

Fort building and engineering at our summer day campsDates, Location and Info for our summer day camps:

To see a few more details about our summer day camps please see our Program Information and if you are registering a child via the mail please fill out this form: Registration Form


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Summer Day Camp,

July 20, 2020

Boyd Family Farm

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Summer Day Camp, August 17-21 Living Memorial Park, Brattleboro Registration for this camp will be through the Brattleboro Recreations and Parks Service at 802-254-5808 or visit them at 207 Main Street, Brattleboro, VT.

More Details:

Mask making translates to Camouflage during our summer day camps

Mask making translates to Camouflage

Children from 6-12 will be introduced to the nature that surrounds us through the use of exercise, art, music, writing, science, reading and much more. The younger children will be in a group of their own. Everyone will learn to make a walking stick, draw and paint leaves and trees, cook lunch on an open fire, animal tracking, make a musical instrument and will get to here great story telling.

These Summer Earth Adventures (summer day camp) will be managed and led by Jane and Don Jones, along with other teachers and artists from the area (all finger printed and back ground checked). For more information please email

Camouflage at our summer day camps

More Camouflage

Scholarships are also available call today and enquire, 802-423-5095. Earth Angels believes that there is severe nature deficit disorder in the world today and it is Earth Angel’s goal to eliminate this one child or adult at a time. With Magical Earth Retreats, Don and Jane May Jones are filling a need, especially for school children to connect with nature and art at the same time. Art programs have been drastically cut from our school system and field trips into nature are virtually non-existent. Children in the inner city have little or no contact with nature. As such they are unable to understand the importance of saving the planet, nor do they understand how we are all connected. Join us in the magic of nature for our summer day camps in Vermont!


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Parent Checklist for Day Camps

In preparation for our Summer Earth Adventure (Summery Day Camp) the list below provides you with a list of things to do in preparation for our fun filled, creative nature day camp:   Be sure to pay for the camp by June 30. Fill out and return the registration form to Magical Earth Retreats, 471 …

Videos of our Summer day camps

Our Summer Day Camps Every year we run summer day camps to reconnect children with nature.  We all have an absolute blast and we are happy to share these videos of our time together in nature:   I am ready to register my child (click here)     I am ready to register my child …