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Magical Activities eBook

A collectionof economy conscious, creative activities for children and parents. These activities have all been created by participants, ranging in ages from 5-13, of Magical Earth Retreats and dreamed up by Jane May Jones along with Louis Blacow. Allof our activities are really inexpensive and can be created by just about anyone. We always include a n element of recycling from nature and attempt to use all products are are recyclable. One of our big goals is be gentle with the earth.

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The Wizard and his Friends (children’s ebooks)

 About The Wizard and his Friends This collection of stories (children’s ebooks) about the Wizard and his friends was born out of an experience at the Wizard Training Camp (a Peak Potentials program).  That initial experience is told in “The Wizard and the Leaf Hopper”.  Since that time I have written several stories about the …


Thank you for your interest in sharing The Wizard and his Friends, a collection of short stories by Don Jones, The Wizard.  These stories help children understand the importance of being a custodian of mother earth and helps them think about what they may do to help the plight of animals and nature in today’s …

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