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After School Programs

After School Programs

Our after school programs also help to nurture creativity through experiences in nature. From snow shoeing to hiking, from observing to listening, to gathering natural objects and heading back to the classroom, we combine the beauty around us in nature with craft projects, discussions, poetry and music.


Our Winter/Early Spring Activities

Session 1: Snug in the Snow
Snowshoeing in search of snow fleas (of the spring tail order), life under the snow, tunnels made by rodents and beetles under the bark. This will be depicted in diorama that we will compile during this six-week session.

Session 2: When the sap runs
Snowshoeing to tap maple trees to gather sap, boiling process, etc. This will also be depicted in our diorama.

Session 3: Wind and Clouds
We will study the different types of clouds and wind forces. We will create a wind fan and test it with a fan. With watercolors we will paint clouds. These paintings will also be used in our diorama.

Session 4: Preparing for nesting.
With brightly colored yarns we will head out on our snowshoes to drape the yarn in the trees for the birds to use in their nesting in the spring. This will make it easy for us to find the birds nests in the spring.

Session 5: Diorama
Create scenes entitled “Under the Ice”, “Snug in the Snow”.

Session 6: Diorama
Create one entitled “Wind and Clouds” and “Sugaring”. These four dioramas will be put together to form one diorama entitled “The Melt”.