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Adult Retreats

Do you remember? Do you recall what it felt like to be outside in Fun timesnature and there was nothing else but peace, happiness and a sense of belonging? Do you remember how it felt to know that you could do anything, be creative, have a sense of wonder and be able to use your own intuition? If you remember bits and pieces, but don’t practice any of this in your daily life, then come and join us. Let us lead you to rediscover that inner child which has been (in a lot of people) buried so deep it is barely existent.

Come and join us for the day and play, create and have fun while learning much about mother nature. This retreat can be held at Fernwood in Readsboro, Vermont or at any location of your choice. We ask for a $50/per day tax deductible donation to Magical Earth Retreats.

Providing the space, place and opportunity for children and adults alike to re- connect with mother nature with the goal of changing the destructive route of the human race one child/person at a time with love, light, peace and creativity.

For more information please email us at [email protected] or call at 802-423-5095. We are also on Facebook : magicalearth.


Join us for a fun filled day in the woods. Rediscover that inner child that yearns to get out and play. Come and find out how nature nurtures YOUR crea- tivity.

Our adult retreats may include, but are not limited to the following:

  •   Yoga and meditation

    Creative space

    Creative space

  •   Orienteering
  •   Making a walking stick
  •   Leaf rubbings, painting
  • Jane May Jones  Fairy houses
  •   Camp Fire Lunch (bring your own)
  •   Maze
  •   Music and Dance
  •   Story telling
  •   Journaling and sketching

Employee Training

Magical Employee Training: Any day, any where! Creative team building through orienteering, drawing, tracking, building, music and nurturing creativity, intuitiveness and confidence. Call us today and schedule your team building program. We can come to you or you can come to us! 802-423-5095