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When was the last time you played outside? Heard the wind rustle the leaves? Enjoyed a birdsong as the sun set? At Magical Earth Retreats, we want to make sure that children and adults get the chance to do all of those things. Our programs connect children with nature through art, music and outdoor adventure.

Located in Readsboro, Vermont, our programs either take place on our property at Camp Fernwood or they can come to you. For our summer camps, after school programs and birthday parties, all we need is the great outdoors and our programs come to life.

Magical Earth Retreats is a non-profit that raises money to fund our programs and provide scholarships to children in need. In this digital age, we are passionate about reconnecting children (and adults) and families back to nature.

Founded by Donald and Jane May Jones, Magical Earth Retreats is their dream come to life. Graduates of Wizard

Don and Jane Jones

Don and Jane Jones, Co-founders of Magical Earth Retreats

Camp, they are kids at heart who own and operate two successful companies in Vermont. They bring their love of the outdoors and the arts to every program. Jane is a painter, photographer and avid gardener who loves to enjoy the wonder and awe of every day. Donald is an author, fisherman and hunter who knows how to use each of his senses to experience everything that nature has to offer.

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