Join us in the Magic!

Providing the space, place and opportunity for children and adults alike to reconnect with mother nature with the goal of changing the destructive route of the human race one child/person at a time with love, light, peace and creativity.

Our programs are based on the fact that we and all living things on mother earth are connected and everything we do has a consequence.  We teach our participants to be gentle with the earth.

Our adventures are designed to work with all senses at the same time as bringing out childlike playfulness.  All of our adventures include exercise, writing, science, music, dance, art and craft projects, as well as time for day dreaming and being grateful.  Here are some examples of activities:

We create musical instruments from found objects in the woods or meadow.  We use these to create an orchestra and have the best time taking turns being the conductor.

We create art and craft projects using found objects in the woods or meadows and put them together with all recyclable materials.  These projects can be reproduced at home for little or no cost.

Made up of a variety of programs:

Summer Adventures

Our adventures are designed to work with all senses at the same time as bringing out childlike playfulness and to incorporate art, music, dance. To incorporate as much as these subjects as possible which are grossly underfunded in our schools today.

Birthday Parties

From making a walking stick to pressing flowers, from craft projects to walking in the woods identifying birds and their songs. Think out-of-the-box and have us run your child’s next birthday party.

 After School Programs

From snowshoeing in the winter to nesting in the spring. We build bird houses, boats and many other craft projects from the natural objects picked up in the woods. We even make our own maple syrup.


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