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Do you remember the last time you stopped? When you didn’t have to run around in the car with your

Making Bird Feeders

Making Bird Feeders

children getting them to soccer, plays, etc. Do you remember when you spent great quality time with your children without spending a fortune? If you don’t remember, then you really must join us for our family adventures. We will create the place, space and opportunity for you to relax, play and enjoy being with

your children in nature during our Family Retreats.

Remember the care-free summer days of your childhood? Don’t you yearn to spend days like that again? If you do then, contact us for details about our summer Magical Family Adventure. At this adventure we will guide you through activities, exercises and much more that you can take home and do over and over again with your children without spending an arm and a leg. As part of your registration fee you will be given our “Magical Activities Book”. The book includes a minimum of 13 economical activities you do with your children at home.

Reconnect as a family

Reconnect as a family

Let us lead you to rediscover that inner child which has been (in a lot of people) buried so deep it is barely existent. Learn to play along with your children and feel the joy and wonder again!

Come and join us for our Family Retreats for the weekend and play, create and have fun while learning much about mother nature. View our events calendar to see the dates for this year. We ask for a $50/per day tax deductible donation to

Magical Earth Retreats. The $50 donation covers a family of four, with children 5-12 years of age. Snacks are included, please bring a lunch to enjoy by the camp fire. Come for the day or both days.

Magical Earth Retreats provides the space, place and opportunity for children and adults alike to reconnect with mother nature with the goal of changing the destructive route of the human race one child/person at a time with love, light, peace and creativity.

For more information please email us at [email protected] or call at 802- 423-5095. We are also on Facebook : magicalearth